Custom Boat Wraps

We are now offering custom vinyl boat wraps for any boat/watercraft make and model. We have in house graphic designers that will work directly with you on creating a design from your wildest imagination. For years, our customers have been inquiring about us doing wraps and now they are here! Wraps are economically a far less expensive option compared to a custom paint job. In addition to lower costs, wrap designs are basically unlimited. If you can dream it, we can make it come to life. We use the highest quality 3m vinyls, laminates, and ink which guarantee years of durability and awesome aesthetics. Wraps are the way to truly put your own personal touch on your boat or watercraft. Before you make a commitment, we will provide you with a draft of what the design will look like on your boat. Give us a call so we can get your design rolling.

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What We Need To Get Started

  • 3 photos of your boat (Port, Starboard & Transom)
  • Various measurements
  • Approval on final design before it goes to print
  • Small deposit for graphic design, which will be deducted at time of final payment
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How The Wraps Are Installed

Once the boat is at our facility, we will get it into our shop and remove all the necessary items such as emblems, graphics, cleats, rails, etc. We will then thoroughly clean the surface, removing all glues, grimes, tar, etc. Next, we will prep the surface with several solvents, which will strip all the waxes and contaminants to insure a proper adhesion for the vinyl. We will then install your wrap and apply a clear sealer to all edges. The final stage is reassembly where we reinstall all the necessary hardware that was previously removed.

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